Dan Hall Guitar Tuition

Guitar Lessons in Manchester

What You'll Learn

  • Music You Love
  • Improvisation
  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Strumming Patterns
  • Building a practice routine


  • "I came to Dan as a complete novice and he put me at ease straight away. The lessons have been at my pace and I am really enjoying the whole experience."

    Neil, Acoustic Guitar
  • "...Whatever level you're at if you're looking for someone to help you progress in a structured way then give Dan a call. "

    Helen, Acoustic Guitar

About Guitar Lessons with Me 

My attitude to learning the guitar (or anything else for that matter) is that anyone can do it! It’s simply a matter of practice, dedication, and patience. While natural ability or ‘talent’ may help, it is certainly not essential! Everyone starts learning the guitar at the same point, and everyone struggles at first. Those who progress are simply those who keep on practicing and don’t give up.

Guitar lessons with me are focused on teaching you the music that you love while ensuring that you learn the essential skills and techniques to thrive as a guitar player, whatever style of music you are passionate about! Guitar lessons with me take place in a relaxed and friendly environment where the emphasis firmly placed on having fun and enjoying the process of learning the guitar.  

I specialise in teaching guitar to beginners, and helping people to take their first steps on the guitar. You may have tried learning from a YouTube or an app and found that although you have made some progress, you have found that there is a chord or technique that you can’t quite master and you would like to help to progress. My structured and goal orientated approach to learning the guitar will make sure that your guitar playing gets off to the best possible start and you avoid picking up bad habits that will come back to hold you back further down the line. Examples of topics covered include: 

  • Alternate strumming techniques
  • Tuning the guitar (by ear and with a tuner)
  • Mastering chord changes using pivot fingers 
  • Foundation Music Theory 

My goal as a guitar teacher is to help you to develop the skills you need to gain musical independence, so you can pursue your goals with or without a teacher (be it me, or anyone else!)

My extensive experience teaching the guitar as well as my many years’ experience gigging and performing across the UK mean that I am comfortable teaching guitar to all ability levels. If you have been playing guitar for a while and know the basics but are unsure of what to do next to take your playing to the next level, or if you feel like you are ‘stuck in a rut’ then guitar lessons with me may be just what you need to get your guitar playing back on track.  

So if you’re interested, whether you have been playing guitar for 10 years and just want to tighten a few bolts, or if you are a total beginner, contact me using the button below (or by following this link) and we’ll get started helping you become the player you want to be.

Lesson Rates

Please see below for some information on the format lessons with me can take.

Studio Lessons

Lessons from my teaching studio located in my home

One Hour


30 Minutes


Home Visits

I come to you. Rates apply to to locations within 2 miles of M32. If you're further than this it may cost a little more.

One Hour


30 Minutes


Skype Lessons

Lessons over the internet, all the convinience of a home visit, none of the cost.

One Hour


30 Minutes